Rigging and Truss

Rigging and Truss

Rigging is the process of setting up different types of event equipment on a variety of event structures (trusses) either manually, by cranes, or by hoists. Technicians use a variety of rigging equipment – cables, chains, ropes, clamps, straps, etc. – to attach equipment to the truss. These trusses bear the weight of massive speaker units, dozens of moving lights, hanging LED screens, staging sets, and any else that is in the air during your event.

In order to ensure that everything goes well, load calculations and safety checks are carried out prior to the setup of any structure. Strict engineering rules are applied by all members of Level AV to provide safe structures and solutions for all different event types and sizes.

We are able to build custom truss and rigging solutions that best fit your expectations and venue. Our rigging team takes on the responsibility to liaise with your event production team, the local venue staff, and any suppliers to ensure that the rigging process is carried out according to the highest quality standards.

Proven Process

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