AV Service

We offer high quality audio solutions.

We can supply your event with a broad range of powerful speakers, amplifiers, subs, stage monitors, line array systems, mixing consoles, playback devices, microphones, backline, show comm systems and audio recording. Read more

The promise of quality in sound system hire.

All our gear undergoes regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance and functionality. You can hire professional equipment with absolute confidence that before any of it leaves our warehouse, it is fully prepared and tested.

Audio Equipment Rentals.

We deliver sound system solutions for every event type and size, supplying cutting-edge technology for any venue, meeting both your precise audio specifications and your budget. Whether it is active and passive professional audio systems for corporate events, tour-grade sound solutions, full-size loudspeaker rigs for festivals, or ground-stacked or line array hangs, we have the right combination of professional sound equipment for you.

Our team works with you every step of the sound rental process through expert consultation, creative sound design, and tailor-made recommendations in order to help you select the PA system best suited to your venue and type of event.

Functional, loud & practical audio solutions.

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We always try to help you build your idea and plan to help your business achieve its goals while collecting feedback and implementing changes as needed, and delivering the best design ideas to meet your needs.

[/tab][tab title=”Design”]

We focus on new levels of creativity while offering the best and most original ideas in response to our customers’ requests and thoughts, and designing them properly. We have the most creative team.

[/tab][tab title=”Excecution”]

During the final execution, we ensure that everything our team and you prepared is carried out exactly as intended. We can manage any project from start to end, so you don’t have to worry about late deliveries, technical difficulties, setup, or anything else.

We do our best to create the best outcome you desire.


Professional Sound Quality.

Every event needs a professional approach to achieve optimal sound quality. Our technical experts will recommend and pick the appropriate audio equipment for your venue’s acoustics and crowd size. We have the appropriate sound systems in place to ensure that everyone in the audience has the same auditory experience.

Our specialists will consult & offer the most suitable solution for you.

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