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The visual merchandising features of the market environment are one of the most creative and entertaining things to manage in the retail business. This implies that a prospective consumer can see from the window display that leads to the store, the signs that guide them, and the merchandising displays that attract their eyes and ultimately inspire them to buy anything.

The display units are stylish, durable, and able to boost your brand as well as your sales. A display unit is a tool that directly influences product sales, and at LEVEL we have our In-House Manufacturing for any type of design that can be carried outlive. We are willing to assist you with distinguishing your products and developing your brand’s retail shopping experience.

Malls and other locations are extremely dynamic and kiosks capitalize on customer activity. Therefore, they can generate substantial revenues for all types of retail merchandise.

LEVEL creates and installs a variety of customized mall kiosks. LEVEL is one of Dubai’s biggest mall kiosk designers. Our professional designers can supply you with scaled 3D designs and design drawings. A well-planned sketch can save time and money in the production of kiosks and even in subsequent operations.

In a shopping mall and business hub, kiosks play an important role. Interactive kiosks provide information about products, new arrivals, special offers, and bargains, as well as recommendations, instructions, and demonstrations of goods to virtual people.


They are excellent for busy retail sites when every customer is hard to serve, and sometimes they are set up as stand-alone stands in huge shopping areas. A little mall kiosk can be quite profitable in order to attain such a significant benefit. That is why a slew of major brands have entered the mall kiosk market.

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We always try to help you build your idea and plan to help your business achieve its goals while collecting feedback and implementing changes as needed, and delivering the best design ideas to meet your needs.

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We focus on new levels of creativity while offering the best and most original ideas in response to our customers’ requests and thoughts, and designing them properly. We have the most creative team.

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During the final execution, we ensure that everything our team and you prepared is carried out exactly as intended. We can manage any project from start to end, so you don’t have to worry about late deliveries, technical difficulties, setup, or anything else.

We do our best to create the best outcome you desire.


Experience Innovation the Professional Way.

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